The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has recently completed an extensive national consultation and feedback process on next generation governance reform in Australian sport. Feedback was provided by both national (NS0s) and state sporting organisations (SSOs), State Department of Sports and Recreation (SDSRs) and other interested parties in the sport sector.

In total, almost 600 people attended forums around Australia, representing 235 sporting organisations and 31 other sports bodies. An additional 32 written submissions were received. The ASC found this process most valuable, providing “grass roots” perspectives on governance reform. The Commission thanks all participants for their involvement and contribution.

The ASC understands that the success and sustainability of Australian sport is based on a multi-level system, with the sport providers (NSOs, SSOs, associations and clubs) needing to work closely with all three tiers of Government for funding and facility development, as well as the private sector. The more aligned these groups are, the better the outcome for Australian sport.

Next generation reform builds on the extensive governance improvement in Australian sport that has been led by the ASC over the past three years. Pleasingly, the cause of governance improvement has been embraced by sports and is already producing dividends for many. In some sports, this is already evident in their competitive and commercial performances.

These reforms have included changes to align sports with governance best practice in areas such as:
• Board chair elected by the Board not the members;
• performance evaluation processes for Boards;
• corporate rather than association structures;
• establishment of key Board committees including nominations, audit and risk;
• Board diversity and skill mix.

The ASC is strongly committed to continuing to lead the governance reform process for the future benefit of Australian sport.

The full response is below

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