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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blind Sports Australia?

Blind Sports Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation whose members are blind sporting organisations.

Blind Sports Australia has three main roles:

  • To promote blind sports to all members of the community as a worthwhile activity to increase social inclusion and for a sustainable healthy lifestyle
  • To increase the participation in blind sports by all the blind community regardless of age or severity of vision impairment
  • To advocate on behalf of its members at local, national and international level

It is an Australian Sports Commission accredited National Sporting Organisation, a founding member of the Australia Paralympic Committee, and the Australian representative member of the International Blind Sporting Federation.

Is Blind Sports Australia (BSA) a registered charity?

Yes. BSA is a registered charity, and has donor gift recipient tax status.

How does BSA work?

BSA has a Board of Directors, and ten member organisations.

BSA’s role is to support the member organisations through the promotion of blind sport, assisting increase participation in blind sport, and advocating on behalf of member organisations and blind sports at the local, national and international levels.

What sports does BSA offer?

Almost any sport played by sighted people can be played by blind and vision impaired people – skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing as well as lawn bowls, golf, cycling, football, cricket – the list seems endless.

I am the parent of a vision impaired/partially child; can my child participate in these sports?

Yes. We realise that there is a need for sporting opportunities for young people. As the majority of our Member’s members are adults, we ask that parents accompany their children when participating in member activities.

I am a senior citizen, are there any sporting opportunities for me?

Yes! If you would like more information on what sports may suit your needs, please please email admin

Does Blind Sports Australia have any volunteer opportunities?

Yes! BSA is always looking for dedicated and enthusiastic people to volunteer with us. There are many opportunities from coaches, support personnel, umpire and referees, administrators, to fundraiser. Please contact us at admin