Leaving a legacy

Some of us may not have been able to give as generously as we would’ve liked in our lifetimes, however, leaving a gift in your will, no matter how large or small is the ultimate way of supporting the vital work that not-for-profit organisations such as Blind Sports Australia do for the Blind and Visually Impaired Community. 


As a not-for-profit organisation we rely on any and all generous donations from members of the community. To ensure that we are able to continue to impact as many people as we do in a positive way, you are able to leave us a gift in your Will that no matter how large or small, we can ensure will go towards helping others in the community.


If you have any questions about leaving a charitable gift in your Will feel free to contact a Legal Professional and/or get in contact with Blind Sports Australia, in order to find out what steps can be taken to ensure that your best wishes are met. 

Please contact us at admin@blindsportsaustralia.com.au 

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