The Australian Judo Team at the 2023 IBSA World Games

Tile of the Judo Team for the IBSA World Blind Games, with names listed on a blue background with Australian Flag.

Para-Judo is one of 3 sports at the 2023 IBSA World Games that will have Paris Paralympic pathways at the heart of competition.

Australia had it’s strongest field of athletes taking part at a world games, with 3 athletes competing, which included:

Maysa Abouzeid in the Women’s J1 -57kg division (with her coach Ivo Dos Santos).

Taylor Gosens in the Women’s J2 +70kg division (with coach David Groom).

Jake Fitzpatrick in the Men’s J2 -60kg division (with his coach Cliff Illingworth).


23rd of August 


10am (6pm AEST)    Men’s J2 -60kg (Jake Fitzpatrick) – lost in second round and repecharge.

24th of August


10am (6pm AEST)    Women’s J1 -57kg (Maysa Abouzied) – Lost in second round

10am (6pm AEST)    Women’s J2 +70kg (Taylor Gosens) – Lost in first round.

Competition took place between Wednesday the 23rd and Friday the 25th of August at the University of Birmingham – Sport and Fitness Centre 

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