Community Sport Resource

Cover page of Community Sport Resource, featuring a photo Amir Abdi with eyeshades on

Our comprehensive Guide is designed to help clubs, coaches, school and volunteers welcome and involve people who are blind, or have a vision impairment to join and play sport.

You can find the Community Sport Resource at 

ABF4ALL Handbook

The purpose of the ABF4ALL handbook is to empower aspiring blind football coaches, allowing them to gain a greater understanding of blind football. It will give them the skills to be able to deliver a positive coaching experience to all players, regardless of their ability, age or gender.

Whether that is through an ABF4ALL club session or an inclusion program at other community football clubs, this handbook is an essential tool for inclusion of people who are blind or partially sighted in football.

You can dowload the Handbook by clicking here

Blind Cricket beginners guide to coaching

The Blind Cricket beginners guide to coaching is an invaluable resource for people wanting to coach blind cricket or incorporate into school activities or at club level. 

You can download a copy of this resource here

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