Blind and Low Vision Tennis at the IBSA 2023 Games

Blind and Low Vision Tennis was held for the first time at the 2023 IBSA World Blind Games, and Australia sent one of the largest teams to compete in this event, under the support of Tennis Australia and it’s support staff.

Competition took place from the 23rd to the 27th of August at Billesley Tennis Centre and the Edgbaston Priory Club.

Australia’s team of 11 players competing in Birmingham, comprised:

Courtney Webeck – B2 Women’s – Bronze Women’s B2 Singles & Gold Women’s B2/4 Doubles

Courtney Lewis – B2 Women’s 

Summer Giddings – B2 Women’s

Mark Haskett – B2 Men’s – Bronze Men’s B2 Singles & Silver Men’s B2/4 Doubles

Phoebe David – B3 Women’s

Mick Leigh – B3 Men’s – Gold Men’s B3 Men’s & Gold Men’s B2/4 Doubles

Grace Hobbs – B4 Women’s – Gold Women’s B4/5 Singles & Gold Women’s B2/4 Doubles

Ross Patterson – B4 Men’s – Gold Men’s B4/5 Singles & Gold Men’s B2/4 Doubles

Arato Katsudo Green – B4 Men’s – Bronze Men’s B4/5 Singles & Men’s B2/4 Doubles

Ricky Segura – B4 Men’s

Adam Fayad – B4 Men’s

Coaches are: Steve Manley and Nick Bradley

Team Manager: Jay Schuback

BLV Tennis will be held at Billesley Tennis Centre in Birmingham

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