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Used for many years for rehabilitation and recreation, equestrian was included in the Paralympic Games for the first time in Atlanta in 1996. It is a multi-disability sport, open to athletes with a physical impairment or a visual impairment.

Events are grouped according to their functional profiles. Individual riders compete in two Dressage events; a Championship Test of set movements and a Freestyle Test to music. The Team Test is an event for teams of three to four riders per team. Competitors are judged on their horsemanship skills as they ride using a series of commands for walk, trot and canter.

Riders may use assistive devices such as dressage crops, a connecting rein bar, rubber bands or other aids. Since 2006, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) is the governing body for equestrian.


Doing your online research and finding a local equestrian club, or getting in contact with Equestrian Australia is a good way to get involved with the sport. Finding out about the opportunities that are offered to you in your area is a good way to become involved in a new sport and work on new skills. 

Below we have listed the State Organisations for Equestrian from all around Australia. These websites detail the necessary steps to get involved with the sport and compete at a high level or just for fun.

Contact Information:

National Contacts

Equestrian Australia –

Riding for the Disabled –

State Organisation Websites

New South Wales Equestrian

Northern Territory Equestrian

Queensland Equestrian

South Australia Equestrian

Tasmania Equestrian

Victoria Equestrian

Western Australia Equestrian

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