Wayne Phipps, Australian Judoka grappling with opponent on the mat.

he sport of Judo holds incredible potential for improving the physical, mental and psychological well being of blind athlete. Blind Judo is a sport that requires a high level of practice and skill, however it is a very enjoyable sport at the same time that doesn’t only keep you fit but also keeps you having fun and meeting new people. 

Rules & Equipment 

Blind Judo plays the same to the sighted game, however the significant differences in the rules include that Blind Competitors begin the round already holding each other. The referee will audibly let competitors know when they are reaching the edge of the playing area as the are not able to locate it with their sight.


All competitors at an elite level of Blind Judo have less than 10% of their Vision, Athletes compete within their weight categories which has the largest effect of who they compete against. 

Completely Blind Competitors have a red dot on their sleeve in order to outline that they are blind, and those that are deaf have a yellow dot below it. 


Contacting a Local Judo Centre and finding out if they offer classes and competitions is the best way the get involved with blind judo, however you can also go through the Judo Australia website which is located lower on this page to find out through them when and where events are available that are coming up.


International Events

If you want more information on what International Para Judo Events are coming up, visit the IBSA Judo Events page at https://ibsajudo.sport/competitions/upcoming/ 

Contact Information 

Judo Australia – https://www.ausjudo.com.au/ 

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