vision impaired runner and their guide are running together using a tether, in Achilles tops.

“At Achilles we promote personal achievement,  enhancing self-esteem and lowering barriers between people. We welcome people with disabilities to attend regular training sessions held in accessible and central locations in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Our experienced guides ensure that members feel safe and welcome at our regular training sessions. We work with our members to achieve their fitness goals be that walking in a 5k event to running a marathon or an ultra-marathon. 

We participate in a range of local and national running and walking events, ensuring our members have a safe and enjoyable experience. You may also see our bright yellow shirts at your local parkrun.”

– Achilles Australia Website

Rules & Equipment

There are no Rules with Achilles other than to respect the runners around you and have fun! Achilles is a great way to keep fit and meet new people, it is not made to be competitive unless you want to break your own Park Run records, however otherwise it is best to just enjoy yourself and those that you’re around. 


Runners will use a tether to stay close to their running partner to ensure that they can stay on the track easily and ensure the safety of themselves and those around them. The guide will also talk to the runner both to make conversation but also to let them know of any hazards that they may face whilst running such as obstructions to the path.

How to Contact? 

Achilles Australia is extremely accessible across multiple cities and provides brilliant opportunities to get fit, have fun and meet new people! It is details on their website the different cities they operate in, what times they generally run at. As well as how you can sign up and find out about any changes. 

To join a group, you can go to their website and easily find out if your city is available to join, from there you can start joining in running groups with an amazing bunch of new people. 

Contact Information

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