Vision Impaired Skier going down hill, with their sited guide in front of them.

Activities in the mountains during the winter:

  • Downhill Alpine Skiing
  • Cross country/Nordic Skiing
  • Biathlon

Ski 2 Freedom Foundation’s aim is to be able to encourage and promote the wide range of opportunities which are available in the mountain ski resorts. We know that there are a number of ski resorts which cater specifically for people who are blind or partially sighted and we have taken the opportunity of listing these below.

On this page you will find ski resorts where there are experienced ski instructors for blind or partially sighted people, hotels and accommodation which also offer a warm welcome and meet your specific requirements (a number of these are wonderful places to explore in the summer and year round offering hospitality to your dog and family!), events which you could also attend either joining a group of similarly impaired children or adults either for a holiday or taking the challenge and having a go at ski racing! Nothing is impossible!!

General Information

Ski 2 Freedom would like to help encourage more people who are blind or visually impaired to ski and snowboard – or just go and enjoy the mountains.

We hope that the information we can give you on skiing blind will help you to find a new challenge or just enjoy life with family and friends.

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How to Contact?

The Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria Website offers great information into the programs that are run by Vision Impaired Blind and Everyone Ski Club (VIBE). The website also offers contact information for the VIBE SkiClub President, and the ability to submit and enquiry to Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria if you are looking for more information from them. 

The Ski Club aims to provide the opportunity for blind and vision impaired people to enjoy the Victorian alpine area and to provide community support through club members. Unfortunately with there only being Skiing in Australia in Victoria and New South Wales, it may be difficult for people living in other states to access Ski Programs, however if it is something that you want to do you should still contact your local Member Organisations to find out what extra information you can about it.

Contact Information 

Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria – 

VIBE President – or 

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