Australian Para-Triathlete Katie Kelly running along side her guide on the road.

Para-triathlon is a multidisciplinary endurance sport that challenges athletes to a continuous race over three disciplines: swim, cycle and run.

Competition categories are based on types of impairment both physical and visual. Depending on the category, athletes may use a handcycle, tandem bicycle or bicycle on the bike course, while wheelchairs are permitted on the run section. 

Australian para-triathletes have the opportunity each year to be selected to compete for Australia at the International Triathlon Union World Championships.

Para-triathlon will debut at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


  • Sprint Distance Triathlon – 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run. (individual and team entry options)
  • Enticer Distance Triathlon – 200m swim, 5km bike, 1.5km run *non competitive* (individual and team entry options)


Who is eligible for Para-triathlon?

Athletes with a vision impairment or physical impairment 

Classification of athletes

Classification provides a structure for competition. Athletes competing in para-sports have
an impairment that leads to a competitive disadvantage. Consequently, a system has to be put in place to minimise the impact of impairments on sport performance and to ensure the success of an athlete is determined by skill, fitness, power, endurance, tactical ability and mental focus. This system is called classification.

Classification determines who is eligible to compete in a para-sport and it groups the eligible athletes in sport classes according to their activity limitation in a certain sport.

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How to Contact?

Contacting your Local State Member Organisation is a good way to understand if you may already have a Triathlon accessible to participate and compete in. If not if may help to contact Paralympics Australia and ask what they recommend when looking to start to compete in Triathlons to ensure safety and maximum enjoyment. 

Alternatively, Triathlon Australia are a good source of information and have available pages for each Australian State and Territory for more specific searches. 

Furthermore, you can contact Triathlon.Org who offer an extensive page on Para-triathletes and Para-triathlons. Looking at local events to compete in are available, however you should check with those running the event prior to the date to ensure that it is safe for someone with a Vision Impairment and their guide.

Contact Information

Paralympics Australia – +61 2 9704 0500 or on Website listed above.

Triathlon Australia – 

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